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Where to learn web development

Best sources to learn web programming, from basic to an expert!

In this article, I would like to share with you the prime tutorials to start your way in the web programming world. I will mention the best sources to learn from and link to the tutorials that I find the most instructive for a first-time programmer.

Through the article, I will share courses on subjects like Front End Developers(CSS HTML, Javascript) and Back End Developers(PHP, MYSQL, NODEJS). Some of the courses are for absolute beginners and some for expert developers.

As a freelancer, I never had the opportunity to take a real-life course that teaches a specific topic from 1% to 100% on any programming subject. Everything that I know, I have learned by myself over the years, with hard work and dedication.

I collaborated with more than a few programmers and developers, half of them, did finish one or more programming courses; I cannot say that it is much better than learning by yourself, maybe even the opposite.

When You learn by yourself, one of the pluses I have found is learning how to deal with errors and problems that occur while you code. You find out how to search for an error that happened, find a solution and implement it in your code. That is one of the most valuable skills any programmer can have, searching for a question and finding the solution.

Before you even start learning, I recommend joining a Facebook group on the topic you are planning to learn. The group will be your safe place where you can ask questions and share your code to receive some valuable feedback.

Sign up to Teamtreehouse:

Teamtreehouse is an amazing service with a great team(wink) that gives you the option to learn from video tutorials, many different topics, which most of them are regarding web programming.

Besides the on-demand video tutorials available on Teamtreehouse, they as well offer tracks. The tracks allow you to learn a specific topic from top to bottom.

For example, if you want to learn front end web development, they got a track for that which has HTML fundamentals, CSS fundamentals, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and so on.

A great plus that Teamtreehouse offers is their active forum. The forum gives you the option to interact with other users either by asking a question, responding to one or sharing the code you just made.

After your signup to Teamtreehouse hereI recommend checking out this courses:

  1. Front End Developer – With 58 hours of a track, it will give you all the knowledge you need to start developing simple FED websites and applications.
  2. WordPress Development – The best WordPress Development course I have ever done. The course starts with learning the most basic HTML and CSS skills, moving up to creating WordPress themes and plugins.
  3. Learn React – Excellent basic React course. Including Redux, Webpack and NPM Skills. It is a good start before moving on to the Udemy course I will mention below.

Take a course on Udemy:

Udemy is a great platform that allows you to buy a specific course on a topic you wish to learn.

The good thing in Udemy, before you purchase a course, you can read reviews and feedbacks of previously enrolled students, and in most cases – there are more than thousands of feedbacks.

What puts Udemy ahead, at least for me, is that after you already purchased a course, it is yours, forever, as well as any update the course may get in the future.

By the way, before buying a course on Udemy, check out my Udemy Coupons page. With the power of coupons, All the development courses will be available for under 20$.

For starting out, I recommend the following courses:

  1. Web Development 2.0 – Top to bottom web development course, with 81,855 students enrolled(at the time of writing) and an average rating of 4.7(15000+ ratings). The course is a must for a first time comer into the web development world.
  2. Understanding Javascript – 63,990 students enrolled and an average rating of 4.7(12000+ ratings). It is a bestselling tutorial to understand the logic behind Javascript. It will teach you how Javascript works, how jQuery or Angular was built and how to create your own framework, just like jQuery.
  3. ES6 Javascript – Excel your Javascript with the newest Javascript update – ES6. Stephan Grider, The tutor, delivering information in the most informative way.
  4. Beginner to Expert PHP – Beginners PHP Course, 22377 enrolled students and an average rating of 4.6.

After trying a couple of WordPress development courses on Udemy, still, the Teamtreehouse WordPress track is far more superior.

For more advanced users I recommend:

  1. Modern React and Redux – Another course by the amazing Stephan Grider. Full informative course on React and Redux. Gives you a basic hold of NPM, React, Redux, React Router, Ajax in React and more.
  2. Expert React and Redux – The next level course by Stephan Grider.
  3. Webpack 2.0 – The last course I will share from Stephan. As the previous courses I have linked to, very much recommended.
  4. NODEjs Expert– Best-selling course on NODEjs. Excellent tutor, informative course.
  5. 0 to 100 AngularJS – The best course I could find on the first version of AngularJS.

So now for the sweet cherry on top, the free courses:

Youtube, it is the best location to find quality web development courses, for free. If you are just starting out in the programming business, or don’t have the funds to purchase any of the courses I mentioned above, I would recommend this youtube channels:

  1. TheNewBoston – TheNewBoston is one of the best free sources of learning you could find on youtube. I learned PHP with him in 2008-2010. He has many different courses on various topics. Java, PHP, Javascript, CSS, Android and much more.
  2. PHPAcademy/Codecourse – Old channel with everyday updating content. It is a group of people who, as the name says, are teaching you PHP. Quality tutorials, and many tracks available.

Last but not least,, the site is teaching you by doing. I do not think you will get any expert skills, but it is definitely will give you a good hold of the basics web development knowledge.

I hope you enjoyed reading the article and it gave you the information you were searching for. Every share and like is appreciated.

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