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What is the hourly rate for a freelance web developer (updated Jan 2019)

If you are coming from the developer’s side(likewise), it is not easy to stick a price for your service. What is not low, not high, but just the perfect hourly price. Of course, you can’t just bump the cost to 1 million; it is essential that the clients you want to work with will accept the price you are asking.

To get the best price for you and still stay fair to the client, we need to go back and look at our previous projects.

How to calculate the best hourly price for a web developer?

  1. Are you getting stuck without progressing forward?
    • When you are getting to work on a project, are you stuck for minutes, hours or more on a specific task without progressing? Not once or twice, but often and on multiple projects? If yes – you need to adjust the price keeping that in mind.
  2. How often you visit your friend, Google? Google accurate searching is one of the best tools a developer can possess and could save you and your client tons of pointless working hours.
    • The Good Searches
      1. If you do know what function you need to use, but forgot the arguments.
      2. Searching for a solution you know exists and you need a reminder.
      3. Searching for a specific subject you know will bring a solution to your problem.
    • The Bad Searches
      1. If you are in a steady relationship with Google and you visit it more than actually working on the project.
      2. Writing the same sentence in various ways with the hope to accidentally “win” a solution that will put you out of your misery.
    • If you feel like you finding yourself more in the bad searches section, be considered in the hourly price.
  3. Are you wasting time while working?
    • I’m not referring to the occasional cigarette or the cup of coffee you drink; I’m referring to the time that is wasted on subjects not related to the client that is paying for those working hours.
      If you are communicating with other clients, closing other deals, writing specs, or even just scrolling for half an hour on facebook because your high – your client does not have to pay for it.
      The client pays for a full hour of your work on their project(and ONLY their project). If you have to work with other clients or to answer other calls, you need or to change your hourly rate or to count only the time that is used on your client’s project.
  4. Where are you working?
    • Are you working from your home or an office? How much cost the rent, electricity, water, management system, invoices, phone, ac, and even your food and coffee. Count how much of each you are using in your working hours, not on the dime, but at least some approximate numbers and consider that when you were are pricing your working hours.
  5. Taxes and insurance?
    • Your clients need to pay your business taxes, that is the truth – every price you are giving to the client, hourly or otherwise, always add the taxes to the final price. If you are paying for life insurance, business insurance, as freelancers, as self-employed web developers, we have to take care of ourselves, and that needs to affect the hourly price you are rolling to your clients.

That is most of the points I’m taking into consideration when setting a price tag to my working hours or a final’s project price.

The actual numbers of the hourly rate for freelance web developers

After I introduced you to my way of generating my hourly price, it is time to show you real examples that I’ve met.

Notice that any price I am writing here is what I got from own experience and working with various national and international clients in 10+ years time. The pricing as well depends on the country, skill, knowledge, availability and more. Only you know how much your hour is worth to you.

Thinking he is a WordPress developer: Most of the time, it is the people who just learned about WordPress power and installed a couple of themes and plugins. hourly rate: 15$ – 45$

Knows to code, Understands WordPress: Knows how to put up a nice WordPress website, using ACF, some functions.php coding, understands how to use hooks and occasionally visiting StackOverflow to learn something new. hourly rate: 20$ – 35$

An experienced developer that works with WordPress/Laravel or any other backend framework: A developer with experience that knows how to build a website, create themes and plugins, working API and know what REST stands for. Knows the standards of WordPress and what the system allows. Not afraid to leave WordPress and work with other frameworks. hourly rate: 45$ – 80$

  • Some freelance developers set the hourly price well above 100$; everything depends on your experience, skill and on how much your hour worth to you.

Front End developer(React/Angular/Vue/JS): A developer that his primary job is to work with JavaScript nor one of the standard frameworks. Those developers mostly without backend knowledge. Not easy to find work as a freelancer, but once found, the hourly price is at least 45$ and goes up to 120$

That is it for this article, keep in mind that everything I wrote is from my own experience and opinion. If you want to know my hourly rate, send me an email to k@codja.net.

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