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UserBack vs UserSnap, or what is the best bug tracking system – a UserBack review

After a long while of working without any tool helping us to collect feedback from clients, we thought that it is time, it is time to progress and get a finally use a tool.

This realization didn’t come from out of nowhere; our company has just finished developing a website for a big studio, and the project manager casually asked “please install Usersnap so that we will be able to collect client feedback”.

Although I’ve heard about those kinds of tools a lot, and we actually even were developing our own feedback tool(which we scraped), it was a surprise to see an actual big agency, using this tool with their own clients.

And here the happy story is ending. Once the client sent us the Userback code, it took us a couple of days, to actually implement it correctly. Part of was due to client error(sending us the wrong API key), but other it was due to the complexity of installing Userback(yes, it seems it would be a plug and play solution, but in our case – it totally wasn’t!).

After actually installing UserSnap, it worked fine, we received some feedback from the client, directly into Jira, and it was a thousand times better than getting it over Slack or Email with a text of “Homepage is looking good, please fix it” and with that, we understood we need a tool like that, just not it.

For us, this first experience with UserSnap, left a bad taste in our mouths, so we decided to search for alternatives, and oh boy, we found some amazing tools. Eventually, after some more testing(UserSnap, Marker, and others), we decided to go with UserBack

TLDR; of the features, we love UserBack for:

  • One widget to rule them all! There is one code that works with all of the sites which you can install on all of your sites.
  • Session recording and reply! If you are familiar with HotJar, Session recording can offer you a much-needed insight that the client forgot – we did not think we need it until we got it. and it is IMPORTANT!
  • Video Recording! Besides the usual annotation and screenshots, the client can add a video recording to his remarks, and annotate ON the video directly. Some issues can be described only through video.
  • Integrations! Although UserSnap is older than UserBack, still, even in that department, UserBack passed them by a mile, there are SO MANY integrations, with anything you can imagine.
  • Support and Development! It is hard to follow how fast UserSnap is growing, and adding new features. Frankly, I had never worked with a company that releases so many ready-for-production features. Plus their support is kind of… AMAZING!

With that being out of the door, I would like to share deeper with you why we decided to choose UserBack instead of others tools, and stay with it.

The UI

For our QA, and Project Managers, who has to use the system every day, it is so much nicer to work in a “pretty” environment. Of course, some may like UserSnap more, but not us.

UserBack – One widget for all of your sites

Highly customizable widget, even on the base plan

Although UserBack has a WordPress integration, we, as developers want to use the UserBack widget both on the frontend and WP backend, with that, we added their widget into our base theme, which we use on every WordPress site we develop

Important to mention, we implemented the widget to be viewed ONLY to Administrators, both in the backend and frontend.

Visual Feedback, hm, Screenshots and annotation, and comments

First, it has more options than UserSnap, but it looks much nicer to use, especially if your clients are using it.

Second, it allows recording any visual feedback without any requirements to install an app or a browser extension

Video Recordings, including voice and markers

Although it is not always necessary, it is a killer feature. Sometimes there is no other way to explain an issue without actually filming it. It allows our QA or clients to easily record a short video, and annotate it.

Session recording and Reply

It shows all the clicks, actions, mouse movements, scrolls and even allows you to skip inactivity

Relatively a new feature, but life changeк for us. It records all the steps before feedback. So we could easily understand what the client or the QA did before they submitted the issue.

Task Manager integration

You can connect and UserBack board to most of the famous Task Managers, the full list can be found here: UserSnap integrations

Send reports automatically or manually

ClickUp which we are using internally

For each project individually, you can select if you want every feedback to be created automatically or if you will select which feedback should be transferred to the task management system manually

Mobile reporting

As hard as it can be for a client to report from a Desktop, it is even harder on mobile. Given that you can record both screenshots and videos, make your and your client’s life much easier.

All seems amazing… but what about the bad?

Although how much I want to love UserBack, we are still found some caveats.

Not all feedback will look the same

Because it is using an HTML to Canvas library, specifically Html2Canvas it will not always look exactly the same as you would expect. For example, CSS Gradients are still not supported, or even something more basic features like custom fonts.

It is somewhat sad to see, them not investing more in developing their own solution, or at least enhancing the one they are using.

Although it sometimes can cause slight confusion, it is a small annoyance compared with the other information they are sending.

The good news they have a browser extension that uses a different native mechanism that your QA can install.

Videos will require permission

Videos will require your clients to approve the recording(and microphone) permission, for some clients, it sure can confuse them and even scare them.

It is not UserBack’s fault, but it is important to know.

Bugs and Issues

We, and our clients, occasionally suffer from freezes or weird bugs. It is nothing a refresh wouldn’t fix, but it came to a point that we need to tell the client beforehand that “If it is stuck, just refresh the page”.

Until now, we did not lose any feedback because of that, but it is something you need to keep in mind.

Too many emails

It is really a small thing, but I thought it is important to mention it in order for you not to get overwhelmed.

When we just signed up, we received in the first week at least 5 emails, and probably more than 7. Although some of the emails could be helpful, most of them are unnecessary and feels more like spam.

To summarize, we can’t go back to life without UserBack

With the small issues I have mentioned, UserBack has a lot more incredible, mind-blowing features, that are making the work of our QA, Client, and especially developers, much simpler, and much faster.

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